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Balance and Fall Prevention

Do you have an elderly loved one who has been injured as a result of a fall? Do you know a person who could use improvement with balance and strengthening to avoid a future accident?


Progressive Physical Therapy’s Balance and Fall Program gives our patients peace of mind and the confidence they need to perform daily tasks without the fear of falling. Our skilled therapists will conduct a screening to determine each patient’s fall risk. If the screening shows a moderate to high risk, the therapist will perform a thorough evaluation and design an exercise and training program to improve balance and strength.


Typical treatment includes:
  • Balance training

  • Walking and moving improvement

  • Increase of physical activity

  • Learning to multitask safely

  • Strength and aerobic training

  • Patient education

  • Fear management

  • Vertigo


If you are experiencing any of the following, physical therapy at Progressive PT can help:
  • Leg muscle weakness

  • Difficulty with balance or walking

  • Vision problems


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