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Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic Therapy

The Industrial rehabilitation program at Progressive Physical Therapy encompasses nearly 1,000 square feet including indoor and outdoor space. The major component of the industrial rehab program includes work hardening/return-to-work programs.


This program combines cardiovascular/strengthening exercises with a variety of work simulation stations to address major critical demands of most jobs. The goal of the program is to make the client more employable, return them to their previous job or determine intolerance to a certain vocation.

“Love you all! Been treated with dignity and respect. All therapist I’ve been associated with have outstanding patient repoire!”

- Allen

“I have been cared for by every therapist on your staff and have always been treated with dignity and respect. They all have a sense of humor at the appropriate times as well as make therapy as easy as possible. Thanks to everyone at Progressive for helping me get better!”

- Gayle

“My doctor suggested I visit Progressive for strengthening after I started having issues with dizziness and balance. After a few weeks of therapy I feel much more confident getting around the house. My family feels better too knowing I am taking the necessary steps to make sure I don’t have an accident. It’s a great program.” 

- Mary

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