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About Us

Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is a therapist owned private practice providing physical therapy services across the rehabilitation spectrum. Established in June of 1988, our fundamental operating philosophy has been and always will be, “Quality Care.”


Our Mission:

To provide comprehensive evaluations and the highest standards of rehabilitative care available to return patients to their optimum level of function as quickly and safely as possible.


Our Treatment Philosophy:

An essential aspect of any physical therapy treatment program is the evaluation. At Progressive Physical Therapy, a thorough evaluation is performed on each patient, and goals are established based on returning patient to full functionality. At this point, a comprehensive treatment program is implemented based on the evaluation and established goals to return the individual to optimum function.


All patients receive direct hands-on one-on-one treatment on each visit by a licensed professional. We cater to your specific needs. Our goal is to return you to your normal daily activities as soon as possible. We can help you solve some of your most frustrating problems: lower back pain, job related injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, neck pain and whiplash, and many more.


Direct hands-on 1-on-1 treatment at each visit by a licensed professional.



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