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5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Physical Therapist?

1. Does the physical therapist or clinic have someone that specializes in my condition?

Physical Therapists are highly skilled in many areas but, just like other medical professions, some physical therapists specialize is specific treatment areas such as Low back pain, dry needling, foot and ankle issues, shoulder dysfunction, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, work related injuries and return to work, pediatrics, aquatic/pool therapy, vertigo, balance and fall issues and many others.

Progressive Physical Therapy has developed a staff with a wide range of specialty areas to serve the needs of our region.

2. Will I see the same PT professional on each visit?

Continuity of care is critical to successful treatment. Seeing a different PT professional on each visit can be confusing to both the provider and the patient. At Progressive Physical Therapy every effort is made for the patient to see the same person throughout their care.

3. How much is physical therapy going to cost me per visit?

All insurance coverage for physical therapy is different. The main components of patient costs are; 1. Your deducible, 2. your co-payment and/or 3. your co-insurance. Your deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance coverage for physical therapy begins. Not all insurances have a deductible for physical therapy, but, if you do this can range from zero to over $5,000. The current Medicare deductible is $240 which means a Medicare patient pays the first $240 of medical care then then depending on whether you have a secondary insurance you are responsible for a certain amount of your care. Most of the time any medical you receive is applied to your overall/comprehensive deductible.

Your co-payment is the amount you pay per visit once your deductible is met. It is typically a set amount that once again can range from as low as $10 per visit to $100 per visit.

Your co-insurance is typically a set percentage that the patient pays once a deductible is met, if indeed you have a deductible. A typical co-insurance amount is 20% such as Medicare. So in basic terms if Medicare allows $100 for a particular visit; Medicare would cover $80 and the patient would have the responsibility for the remaining $20.

The cost of care can be quite confusing and overwhelming. At Progressive Physical Therapy our billing staff obtains this information prior to treatment so that the cost of care is very transparent without surprises and patients have the ability to make good financial decisions regarding their care.

4. Can I choose the physical therapy clinic I attend?

YES! Do your research before you choose a Physical Therapy provider. It is your right to make an informed decision regarding any healthcare you receive and you should be actively involved in your recovery. Review the clinic’s website to see if they are a fit for you, but the choice is yours. For more information about Progressive Physical Therapy, our staff and the services we provide, visit our website at You will also find various articles about many conditions that will give you information about your condition and the benefits of physical therapy, especially early physical therapy following injury, surgery or dysfunction.

5. How long will I need to come to physical therapy?

The number of visits one attends physical therapy varies based on the medical problem and unfortunately sometimes the limitations of one’s insurance coverage. At Progressive Physical Therapy the number of physical therapy sessions averages about 7-8 visits which is also consistent with the national average.

Your physical therapist will do a comprehensive evaluation on your first visit, and based on your specific needs, develop a treatment plan based on your goals to get you back to the things in life you enjoy. Your therapist should be able to provide you with a reasonable range of visits anticipated for your condition.

Your physical therapist should be someone you feel comfortable with, someone who cares about your health, someone who will answer your questions when you have them, and someone who gets you back to life and back to doing the things you love quickly and safely. Make sure you get to know this person and clinic so when you do need their services you feel comfortable about the care you will receive and have quick access care as early physical therapy following injury or illness has been proven to result in quicker resolution of problems and lower healthcare costs.

Physical therapists can have a profound effect on people’s lives, so make sure you have a physical therapist in your phone list and Choose More Movement, Choose Better Health and Choose Progressive Physical Therapy!


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